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mjSIP Proxy and SBC servers

A mjSIP-based proxy implementation (mjProxy) is available. It can be used as Registrar, Redirect, Stateless Proxy or Stateful Proxy.

The main features of the mjProxy are:

  • it is easily configurable via a simple text-based file,
  • it is fully compliant with RFC 2631 and successors, moreover it is backward compatible with the previous RFC 2543 standard (e.g. it support both loose and strict routing, different expires field formats, etc.),
  • it can act as Registrar, and/or Proxy, and/or Redirect server,
  • both a stateless or stateful implementations are available,
  • it include a simple java-based local database, used for maintain user contacts and/or authentcation credentials,
  • it implements standard Digest authentication (when selected),
  • it can easily be interfaced with external LDAP repository or MySQL database (a example of such interfaces will be soon available),
  • it can fork calls to more than one contact URLs (it supports multiple registrations),
  • it is possible to select different registration policies (register only pre-registered/known users, or also new users),
  • it is possible to select different proxying policies (proxy only calls coming from registered users and/or directed to registered users, or from/to all users),
  • it can authoritatively administrate multiple domanis,
  • etc.

The mjProxy can be easily configured by means of a text-based configuration file.

Moreover, a SIP Session Border Controller (mjSBC) is available and included in the mjproxy release package.

The mjProxy and mjSBC are available open source under the terms of the GNU GPL license (general Public License), and can be easily modified and extended as required.

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What is coming..

In the near future it is expected support for

  • SCTP transport of SIP,
  • integration of SBC and Proxy functionalities,
  • 3GPP IMS-specific support.
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